A professional team involved in its community

Our Mission

DL HERITAGE’s social project is to promote art in the city and in everyday life, to bolster professional conservator work through the education of the public, and to bring individual and collective fulfillment to its employees and collaborators.

We believe that art is a vector of collective development and economic growth; a way to overcome social inequalities, and to promote culture and open-mindedness. By caring for works of art, we ensure the continuation of the message of artists and artisans who have marked our urban and rural environments.

We strive to offer our clients the best service at the best price and to complete our projects in the best possible conditions. Innovative and forward-thinking, we promote creativity and the integration of new technologies into our profession.

From a commercial perspective, DLH is one of the main professional art conservation companies in Quebec. We aim to offer a multidisciplinary and efficient service of the highest quality and at competitive rates.

Notre équipe

Our team of professionals with degrees in conservation and museology offers you unequal quality assurance. In addition to providing a stimulating environment for our employees, we make sure to offer the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.
Équipe DL Heritage

Our commitments

In addition to the improvement of urban and rural environments through the preservation of cultural property, DL HERITAGE commits to its community by adopting durable practices and supporting local culture.

Our commitments to the community:

  • Offer tools and solutions to owners of collections of public art and heritage buildings to ensure the maintenance and the promotion of cultural heritage.
  • Support the artistic community through the acquisition of artworks by emerging Canadian artists. 
  • Restore artworks on the verge of disappearance and long-forgotten works of art for collective enjoyment. 
  • Offer discounts to not-for-profit organizations. 
  • Every year, support one philanthropic project that has a direct positive impact on the community.
  • Practice sustainable development by choosing ecological solutions where possible, by raising awareness on environmental values among our employees, and by compensating for double our greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees every year.

Our workshop

DL HERITAGE INC. is located in Montreal, in the Villeray-Saint-Michel district, near the Saint-Michel metro station and main roads.

With more than 4,500 square feet of working space, a 14-foot garage door and 24-foot ceilings, the workshop can house large-scale projects. The conservation lab located on the second floor can also receive many objects and paintings of all sizes, in a secure space guarded 24/7.