Fun palace (Scale model)

Artist: Cedric Price

Year: Unknown

Materials: Aluminum, plastic, wood, paint, iron

This model which belongs to the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s (CCA) collections is part of architect Cedric Price’s Fun Palace series. It is one of the architect’s major projects which he started in 1961 with Joan Littlewood. Price marked the development of modern architecture with the radicalism of his conceptions that included, for instance, undefined architectural spaces governed by new technologies.

This model comes from the artist’s archives, which are kept at the CCA. Before its conservation treatment, it had many fragile and detaching parts. The treatment, which was completed on site, involved adhering mobile elements, reinforcing remaining parts with a reversible adhesive, stabilizing the wooden elements and retouching.

Maquette du "Fun Palace"
Maquette du "Fun Palace" en cours de traitement
Maquette du "Fun Palace" en cours de traitement