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Our services are offered by a team of qualified and accredited professionals dedicated to the preservation of fine arts and heritage.



Restoration, or remedial conservation, is the act of countering the damaging effects of aging materials on the stability and appearance of cultural property. Restoration slows down or even stops degradation, recreates lost or missing elements, returns physical and historical integrity, and improves the general state of a masterpiece that would otherwise be doomed to disappear.

Restoration combines the theoretical and practical knowledge of our professional and accredited conservators with the expertise of our technicians and craftspeople to stabilize the physical state of artworks and improve their appearance so that future generations can keep enjoying them.

Excellence and the continuous development of the field of conservation are the guiding principles behind every project at DL HERITAGE. Our multidisciplinary team and external collaborators provide expert-level services for the conception, planning, and completion of conservation projects of all sizes on a nationwide scale. DL HERITAGE collaborates with cities, public and private institutions, societies, architects, engineers and general contractors on a regular basis to complete their conservation projects.

Sculpture conservation

Old and contemporary sculptures of all sizes and of all possible materials: metal, wood, fibre glass, stone, concrete, glass, ceramics, textile, plastic, and others.

Monument conservation

Old and contemporary commemorative monuments, cenotaphs, steles, religious monuments.

Public art conservation

Artworks located in interior or exterior public places: in cities, parks, transit areas, schools, buildings.

Conservation of architectural elements

Architectural elements of heritage buildings such as gates, floors, wall decoration, facades and others.

Objects conservation

Historic and decorative objects of all sizes and materials: figurines, vases, medals, silverware, etc.

Archaeological artifacts conservation

Conservation of archaeological artifacts of all eras, origins and materials.

Paintings conservation

Old and contemporary paintings on canvas or rigid supports; oil, acrylics, or other media.

Bronze conservation

Bronze objects and artworks of all sizes requiring a treatment for corrosion, patina retouches, renewal of a protective coating, or any other intervention.

Conservation of frescos, bas-reliefs and murals

Wall art of all media and techniques: painted, ceramics, glass, plaster, concrete or any unusual material.

Metal conservation

Conservation of metal artworks and objects of all sizes, decorative, archaeological or industrial, made of bronze, iron, steel, aluminum and others.



Conservation is a minimalistic approach which focuses on the long-term preservation and stabilization of cultural property. Our conservation services include examination, documentation, remedial conservation and preventive conservation.

As a company working in the field of historical preservation, DL HERITAGE commits itself everyday to the conservation of cultural property. This commitment is conveyed through all our interventions, which follow the standards and practices established by major national and international organizations.

  • The Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC)
  • The Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC)
  • The American Institute for Conservation (AIC)
  • The International Institute for the Conservation of Historical and Artistic Works (IIC)
  • The International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
  • The International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM
  • Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice, CAC-CAPC

Examination and condition reporting

The in-situ evaluation of a monument or artwork’s condition helps determine and anticipate their conservation needs. This assessment is always accompanied by a thorough report which lays out the object’s condition in great detail as well as a treatment proposal and/or preventive conservation recommendations.

Conservation treatment

All conservation projects are welcome here! Our main specialty is public and monumental art made of metal, stone, glass, concrete, and fibre glass, but our diverse team can also complete conservation treatments of paintings, textiles, and ceramic, wood, plastic and leather objects.

Collection assessment

Where to start when a large volume of objects or artworks are in need of preventive conservation measures or conservation treatments? We can help you get a clear idea of entire collections’ needs regarding maintenance, conservation treatments, or storage facilities.

Maintenance programs

A maintenance program is essential to ensure the long-term preservation of public artworks’ materials and aesthetic qualities. With our vast experience in public art maintenance and our in-depth knowledge of art materials, we can establish personalized maintenance plans to help you care for your artworks.


All questions are welcome! Whether to protect artworks located in the middle of a construction site or to give recommendations for the creation or maintenance of an art object, DL HERITAGE can give their professional advice for the completion of all your projects.

Research and analysis

Through research and scientific analysis, we can answer your questions regarding an artwork or historical object’s material composition.

3D modeling

As a state-of-the-art technology in terms of documentation, 3D modeling helps to closely monitor the evolution of an artwork’s condition and offers many advantages during conservation treatments.

Anti-graffiti emergencies

Choosing a professional art conservator to remove a graffiti from an artwork allows to protect delicate surfaces from the deleterious effects of industrial cleaning methods. DL HERITAGE provides emergency graffiti removal and anti-graffiti application services suitable for vandalized public artworks and historic surfaces.


Transportation & Installation

Transportation and installation are crucial moments during which works of art are most vulnerable.

We offer the expertise, supervision, quality control and necessary advice for any transportation and installation projects.

These procedures require a deep knowledge of materials, of fabrication techniques, and, most importantly, of what makes them vulnerable when moved and handled.


Safe transportation solutions for short and long distances, adapted to the special needs of artworks.

Removal and installation

Removal and installation of artworks indoors and outdoors, in public and private places. 

Rigging and lifting

Rigging and lifting solutions adapted to an artwork’s special needs during removal, transportation, treatment and installation procedures. There is no artwork too heavy or delicate!


Creation of custom packaging and crates for transportation and storage purposes.

Custom supports

Creation of custom supports for artworks for transportation and exhibition purposes.


Short- and long-term storage solutions for institutions and private individuals requesting it.



When the unpredictable strikes, when a cultural property is vandalized or when an accident near an artwork causes damage, a fast response is key to limit the deleterious effects. At DL HERITAGE, we have the resources needed to respond to an emergency in a timely manner which will help reverse the damage and allow you to quickly forget unpleasant surprises!

Graffiti and vandalism emergencies

Choosing a professional art conservator to remove a graffiti from an artwork allows to protect delicate surfaces from the deleterious effects of industrial cleaning methods. DL HERITAGE provides emergency graffiti removal and anti-graffiti application services suitable for vandalized public artworks and historic surfaces.

Emergency response and disaster recovery

No artwork is completely safe from its environment! Acting quickly after accidents like water leaks and projections of foreign materials allows to ensure the proper preservation of the affected artwork or cultural property by interrupting the effects caused by these new factors of deterioration.

Working with us

The full satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. We work every day to meet their most demanding restoration and conservation needs.