Public art, architecture
and heritage

Our team of restorers-conservators and artisans specialize in public art, historic architecture, and heritage. Regardless of size or materials, we provide solutions tailored to the unique context of each work.

Restauration d’œuvres d’art

La restauration d’œuvre d’art, c’est l’acte de renverser les effets néfastes du vieillissement pour préserver la stabilité et l’apparence des œuvres.

Delay or prevent the deterioration of artworks

Restore lost or missing elements

Reinstate physical and historical integrity

Enhance a masterpiece destined to vanish

Notre équipe fournit l’expertise suivante:

Project planning

Project execution

Projects of all scales

Available across Canada

Sculpture Restoration

Ancient and contemporary sculptures, varying in size and in a diverse range of materials: metal, wood, fiberglass, stone, concrete, glass, ceramic, textile, plastic, and more.

Monument Restoration

Both ancient and contemporary commemorative monuments, cenotaphs, steles, religious monuments.

Public art restoration

Artworks in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors: in cities, parks, transit areas, schools, buildings.

Restauration architecturale

Architectural elements of heritage buildings such as gates, floors, wall decoration, facades and others.

Object Restoration

Historical and decorative objects of all sizes and materials: figurines, vases, medals, silverware, etc.

Archaeological Artifacts

Archaeological Artifacts - Restoration of archaeological artifacts from various ages, origins, and materials.

Painting Restoration

Ancient and contemporary painted works on canvas or rigid support, using oil, acrylic, or other mediums.

Bronze Restoration

Bronze artworks and objects of all sizes that require corrosion treatment, patina touch-ups, renewal of protective coatings, or any other interventions.

Murals, Bas-Reliefs, Wall Paintings

Artwork instegrated into walls, made from a variety of mediums: paint, ceramic, glass, plaster, concrete, or any unusual material.

Metal Restoration

Restoration of metal artworks and objects of small and large sizes, decorative, archaeological, or industrial, made of bronze, iron, steel, aluminum, and others.

Conservation d’œuvres d’art

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! More temperate than artwork restoration, conservation aims to preserve and stabilize cultural heritage through preventive measures.

Condition assessments

Production of detailed reports

Maintenance and emergency interventions

Preventive conservation

Notre équipe fournit l’expertise suivante:

Maintenance program development

Winter wrapping

Examination and condition reporting

The on-site evaluation of the conservation state of an artwork or monument, allows us to determine and anticipate potential restoration or conservation needs. The assessment is followed by the preparation of a detailed condition report, outlining the artwork or the monument's state and proposes restoration or conservation solutions as needed.

Conservation treatment

All restoration-conservation projects are welcome here! We specialize in public and monumental art made of metal, stone, glass, concrete, and fiberglass. However, our diverse team can also perform conservation treatments on paintings, textiles, and objects made of ceramic, wood, plastic, and leather.

Collection Assessment

Where to start when a large volume of objects or artworks requires restoration and preventive conservation? We are here to help assist you in evaluating the needs of entire collections, whether it’s for maintenance, restoration treatments, or storage evaluations.

Maintenance program

A maintenance program is essential to ensure the proper conservation of public artworks, both aesthetically and for material stability. With our extensive experience in artwork maintenance and excellent knowledge of materials, we can establish tailored maintenance plans for artworks.

Winter Wrapping

Fully recyclable, winter wrapping prevents water, ice, snow, and moisture from seeping into the artwork and cause further degradation.

Service de consultation

All questions are welcome! Whether it's to ensure the protection of artworks amidst a construction site or to provide recommendations for the fabrication or maintenance of an artwork, DL Heritage offers professional restoration advice for all your projects.

Research and Analysis

Through research and scientific analysis, we can address your questions related to the material composition of artworks and historical objects.

3D Modeling

At the forefront of documentation technology, 3D modeling allows us to monitor the evolution of an artwork's condition, and offers numerous advantages during restoration treatments.

Anti-graffiti emergencies

Removing graffiti from artworks by a professional conservator prevents harmful effects that industrial methods can have on fragile surfaces. DL Heritage offers emergency graffiti removal and anti-graffiti application services tailored to vandalized artworks and historic sites.

& installation
d’œuvres d’art

Le transport et l’installation d’œuvres d’art sont des moments critiques qui comportent beaucoup de risques. Nos experts offrent des solutions personnalisées pour assurer leur sécurité à chaque étape du processus.

Expertise in Transportation and Installation

Site supervision

Quality control

Advising / Consultation

Artwork transportation

Safe transportation solutions for short and long distances, adapted to the special needs of artworks.

Removal and Installation

Removal and installation of artworks in indoor and outdoor contexts, both private and public.

Artwork Installation

L’équipe de DL Heritage assure l’installation soignée et sécurisée d’œuvres d’art et d’objets de toutes tailles, garantissant ainsi leur pérennité.

Rigging and Lifting

Rigging and lifting solutions tailored to the needs of artworks for removal, installation, and handling during restoration treatments. No artwork is too heavy or too delicate!

Artwork storage

Short, medium, and long-term storage solutions for institutions and individuals who require it.

& Fabrication
d’œuvres d’art

Notre équipe d’experts excelle dans l’art de concevoir et fabriquer les éléments manquants ou endommagés afin de restaurer l’apparence originale des œuvres ou du patrimoine bâti.

Nous possédons également l’expertise pour accompagner la conception d’œuvres d’art public, depuis la phase de planification jusqu’à la réalisation en atelier, et enfin, jusqu’à l’installation sur site.

Project Management

Feasibility Assessment


Conception plans 2D/3D

Design and fabrication

Artwork Installation

Project Management

DL Heritage excels in project management of all scales. Key elements of good management include:


  • Clear objectives
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Execution
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Communication
  • Project Closure
Feasibility Assessment

L’évaluation de la faisabilité est une étape importante dans la planification d’un projet.

It includes:

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Operational Feasibility
  • Human Resources Feasibility

Once all of these components are assessed, a comprehensive feasibility analysis is conducted, and recommendations are made.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation, or cost evaluation, is a crucial process in project management aimed at determining the total amount of expenses required to successfully plan, execute, and complete a project.

Advising / Consultation

DL Heritage offers consulting and consultation services to provide advice, recommendations, and expertise to solve problems and make important decisions within a specific project. This may include: providing specialized expertise, conducting analysis and evaluation, and offering solution development.

Cela peut comprendre:

  • Fournir une expertise spécialisée
  • Faire une analyse et une évaluation
  • Offrir le développement de solutions.
2D and 3D Design

Les services de conception 2D et 3D sont des prestations qui impliquent la création d’images, de plans et de modèles en deux ou trois dimensions afin d’effectuer des reproductions et de la fabrication de pièces et d’œuvres complètes.

Public Art Fabrication

DL Heritage offre le service de fabrication d’œuvres d’art public, souvent lié à la politique du «1% pour l’art». Ce service peut inclure la conception, la fabrication, l’installation et l’entretien de l’œuvre.

Maintenance Guide

La production d’un manuel d’entretien est très souvent requise lors de la production d’une nouvelle œuvre d’art public. DL Heritage peut produire ce manuel selon les standards reconnus en restauration et conservation d’œuvres d’art et autres objets patrimoniaux.

Artwork Installation

L’équipe de DL Heritage assure l’installation d’œuvres d’art et d’objets de toutes dimensions avec professionnalisme, sécurité et durabilité


When the unexpected occurs, when a heritage object is vandalized, or when an accident near an artwork results in damage, the speed of the response is key to limiting the damage.

Fast Response

Equipment and Labor

Damage Control

Advising / Consultation


We have the necessary resources to respond to emergencies within timeframes that will allow us to reverse the harmful effects and quickly put unpleasant surprises behind you!

Graffiti and Vandalism

Choosing a professional art conservator to remove a graffiti from an artwork allows to protect delicate surfaces from the deleterious effects of industrial cleaning methods. DL HERITAGE provides emergency graffiti removal and anti-graffiti application services suitable for vandalized public artworks and historic surfaces.

Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

No artwork is entirely immune to its environment! Acting swiftly in response to unexpected events like water leaks or material projections helps ensure the preservation of an artwork or heritage site by interrupting the effects caused by these new deterioration factors.

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